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Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter are the renowned advisors of top managers, worldwide. Their expertise is unique.

Assig + Echter`s clients benefit from their diverse experience over 20 years. Dorothea Assig started her career as social science researcher, author and consultant to entrepreneurs in the fields of media, psychology and marketing. Her advice leads prominent figures from different professions to enjoy outstanding careers. Dorothee Echter`s professional home is in large international corporations, in which she held high profile positions for many years. She embodies top-management knowledge worldwide.


Who benefits?



Outstanding Careers


What you want to bring into the world.


Build a huge career: You learn about five interacting dimensions with which your career will grow.


Winning followers inside and outside the company. Develop your unique style to gain influence.


Knowing what you stand for – your integrity – communicating it to others. Generating recommendations. Being seen. Being discovered for top positions.

Rituals in Top-management

Arriving and feeling at home in the top-management community. Knowing the codes. Being supported, getting recommendations. Being discovered for MORE.


Conflicts, standstill, failure. Growth, learning and the personal comeback at top level.


It’s not lonely at the top! Enjoy affiliation, offer affiliation. Master the affiliation repertoire. Who belongs to the community? How do you integrate yourself?


Status-free dialogue. Pure inspiration, the richness of ideas for your own ambition. Intensity and stimulation. Mirroring, resonance and feedback at the highest level.

Our Approach

After a preliminary discussion we design an individual coaching concept and make a proposal, free of charge. All advisory processes are meticulously customized and therefore unique. Examples:

1 - 4 intensive face-to-face coaching-sessions of 3 hours each. Or: one individual coaching session of 4+ hours duration, plus, for the following 6 months, weekly motivational emails and telephone discussions.

EMI = Executive Mission Inquiry: a one-day individual workshop with both Assig + Echter, in order to precisely identify your personal brand and the brand-communication strategy. Includes written documentation, motivational emails and telephone discussions over the following weeks.

Branding and Reputation

Branding: the precise, accurate, orientating, context-driven words for unique expertise, with a strong positive impact. Charisma. What is your great ambition? What is your next great role?

Develop a personal reputation. The art of talking about oneself sustainably and strategically. How you want to be seen and to be discovered for new great roles by head hunters, board members, the media, the public?

In order to be plausible and credible, new placements and role changes must follow the substance of your ambition. What is your ideal role? Why? Communication before, during and after the change must be controlled by the individual alone, be it inside or outside the corporation.

Our Approach:

EMI = Executive Mission Inquiry, one day individual coaching session with both Assig + Echter, in order to identify precisely your personal brand and to deduce from this the ideal role for you.

2 weeks later you receive the detailed personal brand profile.

4 weeks later, in another coaching session of 3 hours duration, you learn how to talk about yourself, about your future performance and success, so that you are able to control what others say about you as well.

Top Talent

Find and evaluate talent, accurate predictions of their potential success. Executive placements from the internal high-potential pool.

Leverage ambition instead of careerism. Intrinsic motivation: develop and show your own expertise with high positive impact for the corporation, for others, for the world – instead of focusing on personal status and bonuses.

Find the ideal role for yourself: no matter whether or not it is an executive position. Experience fulfillment, gratitude and the drive to apply your own expertise.

Appreciation instead of rivalry. The participants become role models, they talk about themselves with great charisma and confidence, and at the same time they recognize and acknowledge the expertise of others.

Our Approach

1. For each participant, for example from a top talent pool, we develop a personal brand profile, with the EMI method (Executive Mission Inquiry).

2. We reveal the individual profiles clearly and distinctly as a one-pager including:

  1. unique brand statement
  2. explanation of the individual’s special top-management quality and aura
  3. deduced description of the ideal future role and professional context
  4. explanatory notes as needed/desired by corporation decision makers.

3. All participants learn in a common training seminar how to communicate their own brand adequately and effectively.

Top Team Development

Team ambition, team brand. members of leadership teams learn exactly what to call it. Only those who appreciate their own greatness are able to integrate positively and to encourage the greatness of others.

Co-operation among leaders: board members are not team-players, and do not need to be. They need to understand, appreciate, communicate and use their own ambition and the ambition of their colleagues.

Increasing influence and impact towards management, the board, the investors.

Our Approach

Our method Grow.Together is designed especially for top-management teams and is carried out only by Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter. The individual’s unique top-management quality is identified and communicated in the most effective and discreet setting.

In one-to-one coaching interviews of 3 hours duration each, we identify the great ambition of each member of the leadership-team and articulate it precisely. From this, they can deduce how to contribute best.

After a week, individual team members will receive personalized and confidential input about their brand, brand-communication and what had the best impact on the team, orally and in writing.

After a further week, the team will receive written recommendations by Assig and Echter. Participants’ quotations will only be used with prior agreement.

During the following 2 – 3 months, 1 – 3 team workshops of 3 – 5 hours duration will follow in order to best implement the insights.

Design of Top-Management Meetings and Events

Top-management meetings must bring about specific results and therefore we create a context enabling top managers to learn. Top-management meetings are fundamental elements of corporate strategy.

Substance not entertainment
Success = substance + ambition. There is no need for a big show. Every top manager yearns for the time and space for genuine, fruitful encounters and worthwhile meetings. Not a boring waste of precious time, but rewarding, with precise results and inspirational team spirit.

Board members appear for a very short time onstage and longer in group discussions and personal dialogues. They talk about their personal issues and concerns. They reveal their great ambition, the spark leaps over, others take it further. Orientation for all. Learning for all.

Top-management meetings are emotional rituals in which every participant feels affiliation, trust, importance and influence. Mood management. The next meeting will be a pleasure, growth will become a passion.

Our Approach

Detailed preliminary discussions with the CEO and the relevant senior managers.

Creation and coordination of a consistent, emotionally attractive, strategy-impacting, ready-to-implement concept.

The Client Company – HR/Coms/Strategy – and/or event agencies will implement the concept.

Advising HR – Our Ambition Management Theory

A company’s every success is brought about by an ambitious person. It all starts with an individual’s ambition. Strangely enough, rewards actually weaken ambition – a simple and proven connection. Successful people are intrinsically motivated, this is why promising extrinsic rewards – more money or higher status – interferes with the process of high performance. By contrast, all employees can become high achievers if they are intrinsically motivated. It is therefore very important that all managers and employees are either in the right position or they leave the company – with respect and support.

Employers must encourage all of their associates to identify and unfold their individual ambition, for the sake of the company. Ambitious individuals want to develop their ambition, passionately and consistently. Therefore all HR processes like coaching, recruitment, feedback and incentive systems etc. must fuel the individual’s ambition.


Our Ambition Management Theory reveals,


Our Approach

Precise, full of pioneering insights. Our raison d’être is to advise top-managers and HR experts how to achieve even greater things.

This is evident in how we undertake the preliminary discussions with board members and HR managers, and of course our cost-free concept and proposal.

We answer your questions: what does ambition management mean in our corporation? Which of our tools are superfluous? How can we start saving money immediately and simultaneously strengthen ambition?

You receive clear and ready-to-implement strategy recommendations.

You will be able to successfully implement these strategies in your company.


For the top league of international business, politics and science, learning is reinvented. Excellent expertise is there. Successes are there. Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learnt. For top managers, coaching means acquiring a new understanding of success. With the Assig+Echter Topmanagement Success Agenda. It differs radically from the success dynamics of middle management. From a base camp of great achievements, influence and privileges, executives look for further personal and business growth. Now, it is all about letting ambition take over, staying in a learning mode and opening up the own mindset further and further.

At this level, our coaching takes you into a new dimension.

Building or restoring an international reputation; being found for a new responsibility; leading successful transformations and multiply followers; winning recommendations, contracts, new alliances, new business … the Assig+Echter Topmanagement Success Agenda provides a new dimension of effectiveness.

As a client, you trust in our discretion and exclusivity: our personal advice is for one top manager from your company only.


Seminars for ambitious individuals

Do you have big questions? Do you want a great career? Intensive, individual, life-changing, with stimulating ready-to-implement tactics, in a group of similarly high level personalities. Compelling seminars, offered by Assig + Echter or by renowned institutions like the Managementzentrum St. Gallen or the Zentrum für Unternehmensführung in Zurich.

In-house Corporate Seminars

Examples of individually tailored seminars, workshops and speeches:


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